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I believe that "Sherlock Holmes" is a PUBLIC DOMAIN radio show. If anybody has written proof that this show is not in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, please contact me and the series will promptly be removed from here.

I do not offer this public domain shows for sale, nor do I claim any ownership.  The proceeds received are not in any way a payment for the programs themselves, but are for the service of delivering these shows from my private collection to 1 DVD R Disk, and all the subsequent labeling and cases.

Return Details:  The items listed on this webpage are sold "as is" and I do not currently offer a monetary refund.  I will exchange any disks damaged in shipping or that are not working properly within 15 days of purchase. I will also replace any disk after 15 days for a $10.00 shipping and supply fee. 

If you have any questions on the products offered here, or on this disclaimer, please email me!    


Thank You!